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How to visit the exhibition?

Принтер Get an e-ticket with an individual number to the specified mail
Билет Present a ticket at the front desk at the entrance to the exhibition in printed or electronic form
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What is the advantage of visiting exhibitions?

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Wide choice of goods and services

Exhibitions provide an opportunity to compare a set of offers and find a solution which optimally meets your requirements.

Visual presentation of a product

At exhibitions you have an opportunity to ‘see live’ and estimate quality of products. And also you will be able personally to get acquainted with people who create them, you will be able to ask them the questions you are interested in.

Information and knowledge

Exhibitions provide an opportunity to study new products and methods of their application, assess the market situation and industry trends, find ways to solve problems, adopt experience and novel ideas, improve professional skills.

Personal contacts and professional socialization

Exhibitions allow within face-to-face contact to support and establish new business relationships, receive information first-hand, meeting with the management team of companies or specialised experts, establish useful links, exchange experiences and discuss current topics.

How to visit exhibitions effectively?


Pre-registration will release you from need to stand in a queue to register at the entrance to the exhibition and will allow you to save precious time.

We suggest you to fill in the registration form in advance, specifying your e-mail address, to which we will send you a free invitation card and additional registration materials of the exhibition.

You can find the questionnaire on the page of the exhibition you are interested in by clicking the ‘Registration of visitors’ button under the name of the exhibition.

Study the programme of events of the exhibition

On the page of the exhibition you can find detailed information on business and entertaining events, subjects of the exhibition, profile of exhibitors’ activity. Study the programme in advance and choose the events which are of the greatest interest to you.

You can get acquainted with all forthcoming exhibitions in the Events section.

Make business appointments at the exhibition in advance.

Define the companies which are of the greatest interest to you, contact them and coordinate time and subjects of negotiations.

Study the location map and get acquainted with infrastructure of the exhibition complex.

Choose the most convenient for you route, using the access plan or map on the Contacts page. Find out where you can park your car, get Internet access, etc. You can study the exposition scheme on the page of the exhibition you are interested in.

Come to the exhibition with colleagues

Determine the individual work plan and route of exposition examination for each employee of your company. So you can significantly increase the number of business contacts and visit more events. Surely invite colleagues to the exhibition.

Use the catalogue and exhibition guide

The exhibition catalogue, as a rule, contains an alphabetical list, detailed description of the activity profile and contact details of exhibitors. In the guide you will find an exposition plan indicating the arrangement of stands.

Contact the organisers of the exhibition

If you have any questions, you will be helped to find the participant you are interested in and told how to get to the necessary stand or venue of the event. You can make it by filling out the feedback form, we will contact you at the nearest time or call us on the hot line + 7 (3952) 35-24-80, or write us to info@sibexpo.ru

Use the exhibition as a convenient meeting place

And not only with exhibitors, but also with your customers, partners and colleagues. You can schedule a meeting in the business centre, business zone of the exhibition or cafe on the territory of the complex. Business meetings can be organised prior to the beginning and upon the termination of the exhibition working day.

Additional tips:

- In order not to miss the exhibition, include the dates of its holding in your calendar;
- If you attend an exhibition in another city, make hotel and air or railway tickets reservations in advance;

- Take a large number of business cards to the exhibition;

- After visiting the exhibition pay special attention to the processing of the obtained data and maintenance of established contacts.

Services for visitors:

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